Akhet Consulting

Akhet means in ancient Egyptian the place where the sun rises, and is associated with creation and rebirth. We have adopted the name because we believe in a forward looking approach - providing solutions today which will endure tomorrow.

About Us

Akhet is a strategy consultancy focussed on the ICT sector grounded in commercial understanding of the converging world of ICT from a business, policy, government and regulatory perspective. All its principals and senior consultants have prior experience as senior executives in the industry and/or as regulators or advisors to regulators and governments as well as operators. We are therefore uniquely placed to advise industry, governments, policy makers and regulatory authorities (telecommunications and postal) on strategic ICT policy and regulatory issues and enabling roadmaps to the future in an era of increasing convergence. We also offer representative services to companies seeking to do business in the UAE and GCC. We also provide type approval services to manufacturing suppliers.

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